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Redshift is currently in the studio recording their upcoming EP. Live shows are also coming soon. Stay tuned for updates and detailed information about their new music and tour dates.

About Redshift

Much like a journey through the steller expanse, Redshift has created a flow of time and space brought together with a murmuring sense of purpose. With elements of downtempo electronic, rock, lounge, groove, and ambient beats, Redshift is known for their captivating live performances.

Based in Oakland California, Redshift is the expression of a group of musicians who have played together in various forms since their college days in Reno and Santa Cruz. Signed to Omni-Door Records, their forthcoming EP is the cumulative evolution of the band's collective voice.

Composed of producer Jon Spivak (guitars, keyboards), Michael Blodgett (guitars), and Eric Satzman (drums, percussion), the band's musical journey spans previous groups such as BatuKuraKura, Smoke Chaser, Foreign Cinema, Root Beer, Sunday's Taken, Whiteout, and others. Like an existential quest, Redshift takes audiences on a sonic, immersive, musical journey.

Band Members:

Michael Blodgett
Jon Spivak
Eric Satzman

Redshift Events

Stay tuned for updates and detailed information about our live shows.

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